Redder describe their sound as a dark combination of folk and trip-hop, while being an electronic band they still have a strong focus on songwriting. Their releases have attracted attention from tastemakers such as Mary Anne Hobbs and Lauren Laverne of BBC Radio 6 Music since their first release in 2013 and their live performances are something to look for: an intense and mesmerizing audiovisual experience.

The band consists of Frans Saraste and Vesa Hoikka, who met in 2012 at Frans’ solo gig in Helsinki. What started out as a collaboration of Frans’ folk songwriting with Vesa’s production, quickly turned into Redder and into a six track EP titled “Border/Lines” that the band self-released as a free download in 2013. The Ep was lauded not only for the production but also for the quality of the songwriting.

The love of playing real instruments and working on their live gig set ups made them hoan their sound incorporating more and more live instruments (Trumpet, clarinet, piano, guitar) into their sound. This, combined with visuals by VJ Kristian Äijö and drums by Juho Pääkkönen make for an interesting and dynamic live performance.